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 How to get pregnant

  • Getting pregnant will come easy as you follow the advice set out in our article below by Margaret Paul. She wisely advises to take care of our health first and foremost not only to help our baby but to increase our chances of conceiving - Get pregnant by following this advice 
 get pregnant

What you need to know before you get pregnant

We all think about what our families will be like when we are young girls, and hope for healthy children. Though the things you don’t know about pregnancy can hinder the health of your baby even cause miscarriage. So you should learn everything you can about conceiving and protecting your child in the womb and before. Since the children are growing inside of us the things we consume and the way we take care of ourselves will affect the child growing inside.
Ensuring your safety as well as theirs is important. Preparation to conceive should take place at least 3-4 months in advanced if not longer. Unhealthy habits can endanger the child upon conception. The first trimester is the most vital since the babies vital organs are forming during this time. Things like the brain and your baby’s heart are developing and can be severely damaged if you do not take care of them.
Consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs not just street drugs but some prescription and over the counter as well, and not getting enough vitamins and minerals daily can affect the way your baby comes out or grows while inside your womb.  Taking these things before and during pregnancy can cause your child to come out too small, addicted to drugs, if you drink while pregnant your child could have fetal alcohol syndrome and can also lead to SID or Sudden Infant Death syndrome. There is no known cause of SIDS however it has been linked to smoking.
Eating properly is also a must. When you are pregnant the baby will take its nourishment from you if you do not replace these things you can suffer as well as the baby. Eating foods rich in vitamins, and minerals as well as protein will give you a good fighting chance. Some foods with extra fats is ok but it is recommended that you cut down on things with caffeine, and other harmful ingredients for the protection of the baby.
Consulting with your doctor when planning to get pregnant is best they will help you talk with a nurtionalist before you conceive to ensure that you are eating properly before and after conception. It is also important to lower your stress level so making sure that you have adequate finances and have talked about what employment options you have ahead of time! Learning all you can before conception will ensure that you and your baby are healthy!


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We hope that you enjoyed this article and that you can now  see how to get pregnant by being mindful about what you eat. Getting pregnant can be easy really, get pregnant by eating well.

Get pregnant

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