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  • Become pregnant by following the advice laid out below by Gabby Ford and you will discover the best time to get pregnant once you are aware of your ovulation time. See our other articles for more related information.
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Best time to get Pregnant

Simply put, the best time you could make love in order to get pregnant would be at the time of ovulation or immediately before.

To become pregnant there is a little more involved than simply making sure that there is sperm present at the time of ovulation. There are other factors which must be considered too. You need to be aware of certain basic health matters like healthy eating, no drinking or drug taking and positively no smoking. If this is combined with a stress free environment and 'easy' life then your chances of getting pregnant will be greatly increased.

If you are a smoker then not only will it harm your unborn child but it will reduce the chances of conception by a large factor. It is no good saying that you will quit once you are pregnant because if you can become pregnant whilst smoking then the most damage to the fetus caused by smoking is done in the first few days.

You should also be aware that frequent ejaculation can reduce the sperm count of the male. It is recommended that around the woman's most fertile time lovemaking is performed no more that once ever two days. If timed right then fertilization can occur. The sperm can survive up to 4 days inside the woman’s body so making love once every two days for a period of 5 days or so should give quite a large window where there is sperm inside the woman ready to fertilize the ovum when it is released.

If the woman can record her body temperature during her cycles and get to know her body and the subtle signs it gives out around the time of ovulation and if lovemaking were to occur around this time with healthy bodies and healthy minds then pregnancy should result with no problems in most couples.



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