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Best time to get pregnant

Which day to get pregnant depends entirely upon the ovulation cycle of the woman. The article below offers several tips to help you find the best time of the month to get pregnant


Day to get pregnant

The best time to get pregnant can be found by reading below about your cycle and the signs of ovulation. Once you are sure about this then calculating the best time of month to get pregnant even which day to get pregnant will become easy.

 Best time of month to get pregnant

best time to get pregnant

Tips On Getting Pregnant


First of all, the ovum (or egg) is released from the ovary where it travels down the fallopian tube, at the mouth of the fallopian tube, fertilization occurs and the egg starts to divide. The egg the becomes implanted in the uterus wall... this is considered to be the moment of conception because if the fertilized egg doesn't implant itself in the uterus then the uterus lining will come away and the egg will be discharged in the course of  normal menstrual bleeding.

At the time of ovulation, the woman’s body begins to produce slightly elevated amounts of the hormone called progesterone. This hormone is responsible for the nourishment of the baby until the placenta is formed and takes over the task. The egg has a period of about 12 hours to become fertilized before it dries up. If it is fertilized within this time then the levels of progesterone will continue to increase as the lining of the uterus wall continues to thicken.

To help you understand a little more about the process of getting pregnant and thus increase your chances of conception here is a breakdown of the female monthly cycle;

The cycle starts on 'Day One' which is the first day of bleeding of the menstrual period. This normally lasts for 5 days or so.

This is followed by about 5 days know as the 'Dry Days' (days 6-11). You are not menstruating nor are you fertile, you body is simply getting ready to release the egg.

There now follows your most fertile period. The body normally releases the egg between days 12 to 18. Making love with your partner once every 2 days during this period should render a high possibility of getting pregnant.

Days 19 to 28 are the final days of the cycle, not fertile days making it highly unlikely to result in pregnancy.

Some women have cycles of more or less days than 28 and also some women have irregular cycles. The time from ovulation up to the first day of the next cycle is known as the 'Luteal Phase'. This in nearly all women is HIGHLY regular. It is a set number of days each month (usually 14 though in some women it may be between 12 and 18). So if you are irregular then the irregular part of your period falls within the so called 'dry days' If you are aware of when you ovulate then you can be sure that your period will occur exactly the number of days of your luteal phase after.


The majority of women are not aware when they are ovulating but it can be perceived. There are a few little tell tale signs you might want to look out for;
Slight abdominal pains, usually emanating from the area around the ovary which is ovulating and may be felt as a irritating pricking sensation. This sensation is probably a result of blood or fluid from the ruptured follicle.
Another sign is a thinning of the vaginal mucus which allows the sperm to travel freely through it as opposed the thicker mucus which is produced at non fertile times.
One more sign to be noted if the vaginal temperature is being measured daily using the BBT method is that a notable increase in temperature will be noted around the time of ovulation.

The optimum time to make love is just as ovulation occurs or better still when it is imminent. If you observe your cycle for a few months with some of the preceding points in mind, then hopefully after a while you will be able to tell when you are ovulating and make love accordingly to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

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Best time to get pregnant

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