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Getting pregnant

 Becoming Pregnant

  • Becoming pregnant using the BBT (balsam body temperature) method and predicting ovulation date can make getting pregnant come easy as you follow the advice set out in our article below by Heather Barnard.  - Get pregnant by following this advice 
 get pregnant

Getting Pregnant

If you are trying for your first child you might begin to realize that getting pregnant isn't as easy as you thought it might have been. You may have spent most of your life up until now 'avoiding' becoming pregnant and maybe even living in fear of being pregnant. Well now the time has come you may see that it isn't quite as easy as you imagined.

There are various reasons why you may be having problems getting pregnant but they probably have easy solutions.

Why is it not easy?

Timing is the most important factor in becoming pregnant. The average healthy woman ovulates once on each monthly cycle with the ovum being in a state suitable for fertilization during a period of only 6-12 hours. Simply not making love at the correct time is one of the principle reasons for couples having difficulty in conceiving.

Male sperm can survive for a period of 2 to 3 days inside the female body. For the best chances of fertilization the woman should have fresh sperm recently deposited inside her, ready and waiting for the ovum to be released. Fertilization normally occurs near the mouth of the woman's fallopian tubes.

Apart from timing there are other factors which may influence a successful conception. The quality of sperm can vary and will be greatly reduced if the man's testicles are exposed to excessive heat (such as hot baths or Jacuzzis), the wearing of tight underwear or even cycling. Also, repeated ejaculation can reduce the overall quality and sperm count. It is recommended that the male should only ejaculate once every 2 days or so around the woman's fertile time to ensure a high quality of sperm. It is better to have good quality sperm inside the woman which will last for several days than to have a lower quality sperm deposited at more frequent intervals.

An good method for successful conception is to recognize the time of ovulation by means of the BBT method which is explained in a little more detail in the article 'When is the best time to get pregnant?'. It consists of charting and plotting the vaginal temperature over the course of several months. Observing the results will show that at the time of ovulation there is a significant rise in temperature. When combined with the observation of other factors such as the texture of vaginal mucus and certain subtle abdominal sensation can show exactly when ovulation is about to occur. Intercourse should be had a few hours before ovulation is due to occur to ensure effective fertilization.

There are a few heath matters which may get in the way of successful conception. Mainly smoking and drinking in both male and female partners. Healthy eating is recommended and for both partners to take folic acid and vitamin supplements may also be a good idea (you should consult with your doctor before taking these)

The consumption of marijuana or cannabis greatly reduces the virility of sperm reducing the chances of getting pregnant by up to 50%. The detrimental effects of this can last for more than 6 months.

The above points outline some of the difficulties in becoming pregnant so you might realize that becoming pregnant isn't as easy as you might have imagined.


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