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Getting ready to get pregnant is extremely important and one of the best 'get pregnant tip' we can offer is presented in the article below. Of all the get pregnant tips we offer, the taking of folic acid before getting pregnant is crucial.

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For getting pregnant advice and getting pregnant tip see the following article on folic acid.

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Folic Acid Before Conception

Multivitamins containing folic acid taken daily before pregnancy will greatly reduce the chances of having a child born with ‘spinabifida’ or other neurological disorders or birth defects.

Even if you are not planning to get pregnant at the moment it is advised to at least eat a healthy balanced diet including alimentation high in folate such as lentils, asparagus, peanut butter, broccoli and orange juice. This way if you change you mind or if you suddenly become pregnant by accident then if you do give birth then you will already have reduced the chances of you baby having neural defects. You may also take multivitamins containing a minimum of 0.4mg of folic acid - You need to consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements.


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Getting pregnant tips

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 Getting pregnant tips

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