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Trying to get Pregnant

When trying to get pregnant it is essential that you be aware and observe your ovulation time. If you do not know when you are about to ovulate then the whole process of getting pregnant will be a complete hit or miss affair.

Getting Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant is addressed in the article below which covers tips on how getting pregnant by knowing exactly when your own ovulation cycle.

Trying to get pregnant

How long does it take to get pregnant?

Many people write to me convinced that there is something wrong with them because they can’t get pregnant… when I ask them how long they’ve been trying for they tell me 3 or 4 months. It seems that so many people, probably due to what we have been taught as teenagers are so convinced that as soon as they have unprotected sex they will become pregnant that when they have unprotected sex for 3 months continually and don’t become pregnant then they begin to wonder if there s something wrong with them or if they have a fertility problem.

To be trying to get pregnant for up to 18 months before successfully conceiving is not out of the ordinary with many couples not becoming pregnant until after 12 months of trying.

It actually sounds a lot when you think you’ve been trying to get pregnant for 3 months for example. In reality, with the ‘window for getting pregnant being just a few days in most women then in 3 months then there might not have been more than a total of 6 -9 days in which conception might occur.

It is said that if a couple makes love every day then this will weaken the strength of the man’s sperm due to a lowering of the sperm count. This will reduce the possibility of getting pregnant by at least 50% which will cut down those 6-9 days to 3 or 4.
If the couple abstains for long periods this can also reduce the potency of the sperm as the sperm inside the testicles becomes old it gets weak and stale.

The best frequency for lovemaking around and during the period of ovulation is once every 2 days or so.

To know when the woman is about to ovulate is of utmost importance too. Without this knowledge then the whole process of getting pregnant will become a very ‘hit or miss’ affair. Remember that once ovulation has occurred then there is only about 12 hours or so in which to conceive before the ovum dries up and becomes unable to be fertilized.

Sperm on the other hand can live up to 3 days inside the female body and can be there waiting for ovulation to occur. If the couple knows when the woman is about to ovulate then it will help to adopt a regular lovemaking schedule (every 2 days) during this time.

To know when you are ovulating is the key to getting pregnant and there are various little tricks and tips to finding that out.

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The best way to tackle getting pregnant is to be calm and stress free, eat well, arm yourselves with a little knowledge and have fun.


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In trying to get pregnant it is very important that you realize exactly when your ovulation will occur as this is one of the keys in getting pregnant.

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