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How To Get Pregnant

 Fertility tips for men and women

  • Follow the advice laid out below by Heather Barnard and you will discover just how easy it can be to get pregnant.
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Become Pregnant - Male and Female Fertility Advice

A recent survey by the 'American Society for Reproductive Medicine' shows that one in ten of the reproductive population of the US is affected in one way or another by infertility and therefore find it difficult in knowing when the best time to get pregnant is.
This can affect either the man or the woman with about 40% of cases being due to male infertility and 60% due to female infertility.

A large percentage of these so-called 'infertile' couples can overcome the problem by making simple health and lifestyle changes as outlined here below.



Try to dispense with any unnecessary medications as some medicines have been the cause of fertility issues. Please consult your doctor first. Especially be aware of anabolic steroids, anti-diarrhea medication, anti-fungal medicine (ketoconazole) and antibiotics such as nitrofurans or macrolides.

Short periods of sexual abstinence may increase the potency and volume of sperm. Prolonged periods of sexual abstinence however (i.e. more 6 days) can leave old and less mobile sperm.

Eliminate or reduce your daily caffeine consumption. Try drinking decaffeinated as too much caffeine can seriously affect male fertility.

Smoking tobacco or marijuana can slow down the sperm production and also slow down the speed at which the sperm can travel giving a significantly lower sperm count with generally low quality sperm. These effects may take many moths to reverse once smoking is ceased.

Try to keep your testicles cool and as heat to that area may be detrimental. Boxer shorts will help; abstain from hot tubs / saunas, hot baths etc. Take cool showers, avoid cycling and other excessive sports.

Having a balanced intake of vitamins can help too. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement daily will be very helpful. Healthy sperm are produced when using vitamins B12, C, and E, Argentine and  Zinc, Selenium and Coenzyme.
Folic acid, as used by many women prior to conception may also prove very successful in the production of healthy sperm. Consult with your doctor about taking vitamins.


Get to know your body and your cycles. Chart your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) over the period oaf a few months and get to know exactly when you are about to ovulate. You can also find out ovulation time by buying an ovulation prediction kit which will alert you on to two days before ovulation actually occurs.

As with the male, the taking of pre-conception vitamins can be very important to your health, your chances of conception and to the health of your unborn child. Vitamins to take are;
Vitamin C (daily), Folate (a month before conception) and of course folic acid.


Avoid pesticides, radiation, lead, heavy metals and other environmental hazards.

Take regular exercise

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs (especially marijuana and cocaine)

During the fertile period only make love once every 48 hours or so. This will give the male sperm a chance to become stronger. The ovum will remain capable of fertilization for a period of about 5 days. Sperm will live for 2 or 3 days inside the female body whereas the woman's egg will be fertile for less than 24 hours.

Do not smoke. It WILL have a detrimental effect on your unborn child.

Eat healthily and well - natural whole foods where possible. Avoid processed foods.


Taking some of the above advice will greatly improve on your chances of conception.

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