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When to get pregnant  

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Ovulation time

With the OVULATION CALCULATOR above you can easily get month pregnant time, Just enter your details and it will calculate your ovulation time, the fetal age and your due date.

* The LUTEAL PHASE or Post Ovulation Time is the time between ovulation and the first day of the menstrual period. The length of the luteal phase is fixed and in the majority of women lasts for exactly 14 days. This number can vary with some women having a luteal phase of 15 or 16 days and others as short as 12 days, but, whatever the length of your luteal phase, it is always constant being the same number of days long, month in - month out... even if you have irregular periods. If you do have an irregular cycle then the 'irregular' part of the cycle is the first part up to ovulation. Once ovulation has occurred then your period will start exactly 14 days later (or however many days long your luteal phase is) unless of course fertilization has occurred..

 When to get pregnant - Ovulation time

If you have been a few months charting your cycle then you should see that once ovulation has occurred then the time until the first day of bleeding is always exactly the same, even if you have very irregular periods.


Best Time of the Month to Get Pregnant

This Ovulation Calculator will need the date of your last period, the average length of your cycles, (if you just leave it blank then it will default to 28 days which is the average for most women) and your average *Luteal Phase length (Once again if you are not sure of this then just leave it blank and it will default to 14 days which is the average for most women)


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When to get pregnant is based on the ovulation time so the get month pregnant time is just before ovulation occurs.

When to get pregnant

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