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Why cant I get pregnant

It is surprising the amount of people who smoke who cant get pregnant and still ask why cant I get pregnant.  

Can I get pregnant

Probably you can but if you smoke then apart from lowering your chances of conceiving you are also putting your unborn child (if you do conceive) in GRAVE danger. Cant get pregnant? Why cant I get pregnant..  the article below should clear up a few points.

 Cant get pregnant

why cant I get pregnant

Smoking during Pregnancy

We all know that smoking during pregnancy is not a good idea but what exactly happens if we do?  'Surely an occasional cigarette won't hurt'...  Or will it?

When you smoke it increases the levels of the poisons carbon monoxide and nicotine in your bloodstream and hence that of your baby too. The effect of these chemicals constricts the blood vessels and restricts the flow of oxygen to the placenta. The placenta is what nourishes the baby so with less nutrients and oxygen reaching the baby, growth will be drastically affected, resulting in a smaller and weaker child. In many cases smoking during pregnancy can even result in premature birth, miscarriage or even fetal brain damage.

Smoking whilst pregnant may also bring about high blood pressure in the baby, learning difficulties, developmental difficulties, mental retardation, and respiratory disorders such as asthma.

The problems of being a smoker during pregnancy do not cease at childbirth. Your milk supply will be reduced and therefore the baby will be without its natural nourishment. What milk it can get from breast feeding will contain nicotine and will be poisoning the baby more and causing cramps, colic, diarrhea and nausea. The baby will have the same need for nicotine you have only it will not be able to satisfy its addiction as you are. The baby will have to pass through what you were unable to do whilst pregnant.

If you are not strong enough to stop smoking whilst you are pregnant,  (that includes any occasional cigarettes) then after having read this you are knowingly going to make your defenseless child pass through the withdrawal symptoms that you were unable to pass through. That in my opinion makes you an evil person who doesn't deserve to have a child.

Everyone wants a big strong baby. If you smoke whilst pregnant you will not only have a weak and small baby but it will grow up weak and small with probable illness and weakness throughout its childhood and into its adult life. Is it really fair that you should bring this upon another person?...   Just because you don't have the self control to stop putting cigarettes in your mouth...  just because you do not have the strength to say no to just one cigarette even when you know what it will do to your child.

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant then please make sure that you get this very clear and that you give up for life well BEFORE getting pregnant. If you find yourself pregnant and are still a 'smoker' then you MUST stop being one right now or you will be committing the greatest crime to another human being that is possible.

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Why cant i get pregnant ? If you smoke, apart from being not surprising it is a good job for the baby's sake. You cant get pregnant or shouldn't get pregnant if you don't stop smoking. Ask yourself, can I get pregnant and damage my unborn by poisoning it?

Why cant i get pregnant


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